Help this poor college student get more involved!


I am a currently a college student on winter break right now and I am pretty bored. I’ve taught myself meteor(meaning on the internet, nothing through school) to work on my own projects with. I started over the summer with Meteor and I love it(I probably spent too much time messing around with meteor over the semester instead of working on my boring school projects)! Recently, the project I was working on with some friends came to a halt. I wrote a couple small packages for myself just to learn how to write them for fun. I was hoping to do a lot of coding over the break that I wanted to do instead of the coding that we have to do in school.

The issue is that I am kind of out of projects or ideas to work on. Does anyone have any ideas or advice for me to get started working on anything? Does anyone want me to collaborate with them on a package or project? I would love to join! I feel that I am more than competent for a college student in the software development world. I would love to become more involved in the meteor community, I just don’t have the ideas at the moment!

Thanks in advance for any responses!

My title sounds like I’m asking to get put on a project and be paid for it. Thats not what I’m asking! I was just looking for some ideas for projects to work on to expand my skills! I’ve done many tutorials out there and want to work on something new!

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Hey there! If you’re looking for something ambitious, check! It’s a single, unified API for accessing data from different sources, like REST interfaces, databases or realtime datasources (like websockets / DDP). We’re getting close to a v1 API spec, after which we’re going to focus on adding all sorts of connectors and languages to Corto, like mongodb, influxdb, fitbit, Python and C++.

Our core API is in C, but much of the “nastiness” is hidden from the dev. Our APIs are based on OOP principles and will look familiar to anyone who’s used C#, Java or C++.

We have our own DDP server which talks with Meteor, so that you can access all these datasources from your Meteor client just like you would access any Meteor collection. We’d very much welcome any participation on this (and other) project(s)!

Let me know if you’re interested, and I can setup an introduction to the framework & provide you with the right resources.

Cheers : )

Hey, @sandermertens! I checked out the landing page on your site and that sounds really interesting! I’ve used Java and C++ in my classes and had an internship for a year where I used C# on the .Net stack so it sounds like I would pick this up pretty easily!

I would love to hear more about it and to maybe participate on your project. I’ll send you a message with contact info.

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