Help Tiny: Post Your Most-Wanted Features for Meteor

Yes. This is so important. Technical work is vital, but is expensive. Some of that corporate cost can be reduced by making use of community work. However, if the community feels disenfranchised, it won’t contribute. I believe that community relations are absolutely essential to ensuring Meteor recovers the traction it once had - and still deserves.

About a year ago I floated an idea past MDG to allow the community to vote for people who have made outstanding contributions (technical or otherwise) to Meteor. Admins and/moderators would then award Discourse badges to those people. As a zero cost action, this would provide tangible evidence that work was appreciated.

Bounties are another area the community could get themselves involved in. Payment in $ or swag, maybe.

There are some awesome coders in this community. They should be actively encouraged and rewarded.


T shirts and other cool “prizes” would be a nice incentive for active involvement. As well as like you said badges in the forum just to kind of get a little of notoriety amongst your peers :). Or maybe reduced hosting costs for your applications on Galaxy … up to a limit of course. Encouraging Meteor expertise among the people in this forum is a win-win

New Feature Request
Cordova being kept up to date and well supported
Vue as a first class citizen


Easy integration with React Native.
Simple Apollo Subscriptions setup.
Easy microservices db connect with something like Prisma.
Galaxy autoscaling according to usage.

So much potential!


I want more meteor swag


full-fledged ssr code splitting with dynamic import!


Update Cordova Version.


For us Galaxy speed is also an issue. We have a couple of servers running on Digital Ocean, and it’s a BIG speed difference. (deployment, scaling & rollback are way better on Galaxy though)


Yes – this would be good for people using Meteor with Apollo.

At 570,000 weekly downloads and climbing, Apollo is taking off. Apollo users should be given every encouragement to use Meteor!

Official integration of Meteor with the Cult-of-Coders and Swydo packages supporting Meteor accounts via Apollo would be a great marketing move from this p.o.v.


I’ve been testing a Meteor w/jest for years, there’s lots discussion on how to set it up. for example

the meteor test command solution is pretty awful and overly confusing IMO, I always prefer to just use jest directly


I think Mongo 4.0 is a necessary upgrade too: Change Streams, Transactions and some of the new APIs are really handy.

Mongo is kind of going into Meteor’s territory with their client side database, and Meteor needs to at least keep up with the offering.

Plus, it would be really hard to explain to people why Meteor is an entire version behind.

  1. Have a ultra-thin version of Meteor that does not depend in anyway to mongo
  2. Allow completely shutting down DDP and dependencies on DDP.
  3. Decouple Accounts from DDP.

I completely agree. Also, I would like to add:

  1. Making official migration tools for easier migration from MongoDB and the tightly coupled Accounts Package for existing systems.

After a bit thinking about it, this could be absolutely amazing and at the same time insanely difficult to manage well. The best solution, probably, would be integration with Kill Bill and make it super easy to setup and use (ie. extra service on Galaxy and Meteor package).
It might just work, but I think there are more pressing and easily solvable issues that can be addressed before that. Just looking again into this issue makes me dread the day when it comes to implement payments in my app.


Yeah I have the same feeling with payment setup in my app as well, and usually you need the same dashboard pages to manage the subscriptions. It could be just a Stripe dashboard to start with coupled with some helpers functions (similar to account helpers functions) that could be extended later. I do think this is the second most needed generic features after accounts and it think it could put Meteor ahead of many other frameworks.


I was attracted to Meteor because of its original advertised features: real-time, DDP and most importantly easy Blaze. You can make an app within a week.

And now, what’s the direction? totally opposite. Why should I still use it instead of other more main stream frameworks? When you try to maintain the high end money-making user base with new features like apollo/react/…, you lose the new comers/beginners/hobbyists, which means it’s dying.

At least, I want a copy of the simplest original meteor/blaze.


We’ve implemented payments in our app, it’s not so hard to do with stripe, just a web hook really, but I think it would be totally specific to each use case. Sales are easy enough but subscriptions have rules that are business dependent so im not sure how meteor would develop this.


Yes it is. In my case I need multiple use cases. Subscriptions, single payments that can be split between multiple parties, reoccurring payments with the same functionality.
My goal is to create platform for creators where they can get supported like on Patreon, while also sell stuff and subscribe to premium services from the platform. Also when selling the payment needs to be split (sometimes) between multiple creators + platform cut. Well that is a tool set that not even most payment processors have.

Still if there was a single endpoint that would allow me to make, easy standardized method calls which would then get translated to the API of the service I choose, that would be quiet a help. But even after that, there are so many other additional things to consider, so that is why I said you will probably need something like Kill Bill if this should be of any more use beyond just an API wrapper.

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Support for Mongo change change streams to deliver reactive data sources instead of oplog - another enterprise security concern I’ve run into

If there is a way to emulate ddp over http instead of websockets - Websockets is a blocker for adoption at my corp because that protocol is not as nice to work with from a security, network tuning and monitoring perspective.

Developing on MacOs is awesome - but on Windows I freq hear gripes - have we achieved delightful windows development yet? i am not a windows user so am a bit out touch but the windows community is huge so would love to c Meteor as a first class windows developer experience

Finish and adopt work started by the community concerning React hooks

Develop patterns around serverless

An earth shattering amazing apollo integration


Isn’t change streams permission-wise exactly the same?

Speaking of a high-end user base, adding first-class support for SQL would probably triple Meteor/Galaxy’s revenue.

There is a worldview-bubble here – forum participants do not represent the wider world of companies that depend almost exclusively on “classic” SQL databases. That wider world, measured in budget dollars, is at least 1,000 bigger than the Mongo/Apollo world. Customers of that type have different sensibilities than often found in these forums, but those are exactly the sensibilities that Meteor originally appealed to. We are legion, and we:

  • Spend virtually no time in forums
  • Don’t want to “look under the hood”
  • Don’t care about the JS library du jour
  • Want ease-of-use, and to save time
  • Regard $100/month, for a service, as a rounding error

MDG has been fascinating via its mix of brilliant tech and terrible strategy. How did you lose Arunoda, a 20x dev and evangelist? A blunder for the ages. Next time, try money. (smh)

The original MeteorJS strategy was brilliant: among other things, it convinced VCs to part with 30 MILLION DOLLARS (Apollo came later). As you observed, htchd7, the project has since drifted away from the original, excellent thesis.

I urge the new owners to research and survey this much broader market, which has more customers AND more money (smh again). Were it possible to do so, I would eagerly invest money towards the above sentiments.


@efrancis thanks for sharing the article. Unfortunately it allows to run with jest unit tests only. Integration tests are way more useful with meteor IMO.