Meteor Cordova and Play Store

Play Store has set their Android API level requirement to 28 for new apps and starting from 1 November 2019 for updates as well (link). Meteor’s Cordova integration uses cordova-android 7.1.4 (changelog), which according to cordova docs supports only API levels 19 - 27 (link).

Does this mean that if I were to start a new Meteor Cordova project now, I would likely be unable to add it to Play Store? From a recent github post Ben does not seem very enthusiastic about keeping up with Cordova updates, so some clarification on this risk would be appreciated. Thanks!


I recently had an issue submitting a new app to the playstore because it was insisting on SDK 28 and by default Meteor was building with 27.

I followed the steps here to use a hacked in cordova-build-override/platforms/android with target=android-29, then I successfully built and uploaded it:


I used 29 instead of 28 not realising that it wasn’t officially supported by Meteor’s Cordova, and thought I might as well get the latest.

It’s currently in beta testing but so far its working ok…


I’ve an app in production in Google Play with target 28, it’s working fine in 4 different architectures (even though warnings about unoptimized APK). I don’t remember what I did (fix that months ago), I just set android-minSdkVersion preference in mobile-config.js

For unoptimized apk you can follow steps here and upload .aab for your project