Help to get Meteor into React official docs

I’ve opened a PR to list Meteor as a framework option to use alongside React.

After many months, my PR was closed with a bad excuse IMO.

I’m asking the user who closed it if I can send a new PR adapting to the new format of the page.

Could you go there and react to show your support?

This is my last comment that you can help by reacting to it.

Post on X


Everyone reading this should upvote the linked comment with a thumbs up or heart. This is one of the best ways to get Meteor back in touch with the greater JS community out there.

Edit: please do not comment, just upvote! Commenting (=spamming) this will only lead to it being locked and staying closed.


One maintainer said it was ok to submit a new PR and 2 mins later it was deleted

RT please.


I really wanted to comment on your first post and say that it smells fishy but thought, nah, it can’t be. Now it definitely is fishier.

EDIT: Reposted, but from my personal Twitter account. I hope you get more popular accounts to do it.


I think this post should be pinned for a few days @fredmaiaarantes we need everyone to participate in this :slight_smile:

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Appreciate you fighting the good fight here. There’s definitely something sketchy going on there. I’m not even a React user but more awareness for Meteor is needed.

I think Meteor will be in a much stronger position for inclusion in things like this once Meteor 3 is production ready since it’ll be using the Node LTS.


I won’t be surprised if they change the article section to “Production-grade React-only Frameworks”

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and they will get the idea from your post :joy:

That one will be surprising. At the very least, we know they visited the forum to look for this “unlinked” topic when figuring out whether they should include Meteor.

Kidding aside, all the listed frameworks are React-only. Meteor should be with full-stack frameworks with agnostic front-ends like Astro and Capacitor.

Hopefully it was a mistake. Now we wait :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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React docs saga update

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IMO, it’s only getting worse.

In my opinion, I think they want Next.js to be THE framework for beginners/ new projects. Until some other framework comes along and implements RSC and all of the other crazy features (Remix eventually), it will likely remain the one that React champions. Further, I would not be surprised if they were put of by Meteor maintaining its own node installation and having an additional package ecosystem. That being said, leaving a PR open for a year and then doing all of this in a few days is shady, especially not being open and transparent about the decision process and the exact criteria.

As for Meteor itself, how close are we to having a Meteor 3 production release as well as updated docs? Even with the treatment they’ve given you so far, I think they would be far more sympathetic to adding a stack that was something like Meteor 3/ Vite/ Typescript as a “minimal” full stack React framework.

Rick just responded again and seemed to double down on requiring a commitment to RSCs. If Meteor does not intend to support those, then this whole thing may be a nonstarter.

Btw, Ricky from React team is replying in the tweet linked above.


At least we have an opportunity to explain Meteor to someone from React core team.


I think this question of ‘will meta-frameworks that do not commit to support react and 100% of its features still be first class citizens of the ecosystem?’ is a good one. I am curious about Remix’s support for the RSC stuff though. What are they doing to enable themselves to have a RSC-free experience and still be compliant with React support?

Glancing over it, I get the impression that they are wanting to list frameworks that are 100% committed to React and anything it does, now or in the future. That makes sense for them. But what about people who want to work with Vue, Svelte, etc., or who don’t want to be 100% committed to React? Something better than React is going to come along sooner or later – and arguably already has, with Vue and Svelte. A lot of people don’t want to be 100% tied to React forever, and they need a framework like Meteor.

OTOH, Meteor does support React well.


I know this is a somewhat challenging thing to say, and I don’t mean to cause any offense or FUD. I have been a long-time Meteor user and foresee continuing to use it for a long time as well. However, I would hesitate to recommend Meteor 2.0 to anyone starting a new application right now because of this exact thing – they’re going to have to go through a potentially painful upgrade process to remove Fibers and update Node version in the very near future; in the meantime, they must run Node 14.

Meteor will be a lot easier to recommend once Meteor 3.0 is officially stable and released into the wild (something I know we are all excited for).

It’s only tangentially related to the discussion linked in GitHub/X since that’s not the reason the React team gave for excluding Meteor from their list, though. Just a thought.

It sounds like Remix has committed to supporting RSCs in the future, and that’s enough.

Btw is it the official stance of the Meteor team that Meteor will never support React Server Components? I know they are… controversial… but is that something that maybe is worth a little more discussion or explanation?

I had the same sentiment when originally posting this, but felt it was worthwhile to mention. The state of Meteor at this exact second is not exactly something that should be linked on a React ‘starting out’ page IMO. In a few weeks/ months/ whenever 3.0 + its docs come out, it would be a much better candidate. Really, I think the RSC stuff is secondary to the broader 2.x → 3.0 migration growing pains.