Help us update to Mongo 3.2

Hey all!

As you may know, we are trying various ways of opening up our contribution process to allow contributors make a bigger impact on the development of Meteor core. In fact, we just launched a new beta that is almost completely community-driven: 1.3.3 beta w/ DDP Batching now available!

A common feature request, and something that we’ve prioritized on our Roadmap, is upgrading our bundled MongoDB and driver to 3.2.

We plan on making this change and getting it out on a release reasonably soon, but we’d like to first open the opportunity for someone in the community who is keen on this feature to make a big difference by contributing it!

So, I’ve written up a concrete list of steps that need to be taken against the core tool and mongo package. This information should make it much easier for someone less familiar with the way the pieces fit together to able to work through to a solution, and learn a lot about it along the way.

If you are interested in working on this in the near future, let me know here or on the issue directly, and I’ll do what I can to help.


Thanks @tmeasday (& MDG) for putting this out to the community!

There’s been a lot of noise about this, so hopefully we’ll see some new contributors!

I’d love to get in on this, but I might not make it considering the short timeframe.