Help using #with in form


In my template for a form I’m using {{# with data}} in doing so If I do not have any data the form does not rendered all of the input fields. I’m able to see the form when I do have data so I’m probably doing something wrong. I’m very new to meteor and I have been stumbling through it for the past couple of months.


Another pattern you could use instead of a #with block is to use autorun at the template level. () {
	var self = this;
	this.autorun(function () {


@hellstad that’s not really the reactive “Meteor way” to do things. That’s the old jQuery imperative way. This can be done a lot more declaratively:{
    dataForForm: function() {
       return SomeCollection.findOne(this._id) || {state: 'CA'}; //state is a default

<template name="foo">
   {{#with dataForForm}}
        <input id="first-name" value="{{firstName}}" />
        <input id="state" value="{{state}}" />

Now of course the top level data context would have to contain this._id received from a parent template or a router route that passes it from a URL parameter.

Now that said, I personally haven’t done forms in Meteor any other way than using the excellent AutoForm package since it came out:

just use that and forget what I just wrote. It depends on the Simple Schema package made by the same author. @ajlaz You should learn and master them both.


@faceyspacey one thing I dont understand about autoform is what if you have fields in your schema you dont want to show up on your form. For example, createdBy or dateCreated fields.


Check out afQuickFields and its option omitFields


Thanks I missed that when I was reading documentation @jamgold