Help with adding top-level fields to User collection

Hello everyone, I really need some help adding additional fields for user objects. I would like to add top level fields to a user under these 2 circumstances:

  1. when a new user creates a new account
  2. after the user creates the account, they need to be able to go to their dashboard page and insert / update new top-level fields

I have read nearly everything on the internet and these forums regarding this. A lot of good information, but me being some what new to Meteor, nothing is clicking for me. I have also read the section on how to do this in the Meteor guide, unfortunately I have to admit, that made me a little more confused. I do understand that using ‘profile’ within the user collection is a no-no. Just need help with adding new top-fields to the user collection.

I really love Meteor but I’m just stuck on this concept. And most of my future projects are going to have some sort of user profile component. I think if someone walk me thru step by step on how to do this, my momentum would increase exponentially.

Thank you advance everyone and have a great day