Help with Angular Tutorial

I have followed the angular tutorial, but am getting this warning message in the console:

[angular-meteor.$rootScope.currentUser/loggingIn] Please note that this functionality has migrated to a separate package and will be deprecated in 1.4.0

I am not sure how to fix it, is it something anyone else is experiencing?

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@jbonigomes Could you give me your tutorial link?

There are a lot of change in angular meteor api. This is their official site.
For more practical problem solve.

  1. Read their Blog

  2. Use their Official Tutorial instead whatever you use.

  3. API Reference

edit: got it working

Hi @pacozaa, thanks for your swift reply and apologies for my slow turn around.

I have been following the official Meteor-Angular tutorial, available here:

As soon as I accomplished step 2 (adding Angular.js package) I got the warning in my console. I got the same problem following their official tutorial, is this a question I should perhaps re-direct to Uri Goldstein?

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@acom, am I right in understanding that you managed to solve the problem? If so, would you mind sharing the steps you took in solving it?

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No I continue to get the warning. I assume it has something to do with using $scope-- but I’m not sure. It’s probably worth just learning angular-meteor using angular 2 as it doesn’t seem like they’ll be supporting angular 1 for much longer.

thanks @acom, however, Angular2 is still in beta, would probably be slightly adventurous going to production with it, I think.

@jbonigomes Please show me your code. I will point the problem for you.

This is more official and really up date version of tutorial! Check it out.

Thanks @pacozaa, I get the same warning with both tutorials.

To see my code, you may simply download the zip package available on step 1 (this is a zip that contains the complete steps for step 0):

Of course, don’t forget to:

$ meteor remove blaze-html-templates
$ meteor remove ecmascript
$ meteor add angular

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@jbonigomes Oh I see your problem. It just “Warning” not error. Sorry for misunderstanding.
Yes If you got a warning I also got too. I dig deeper and found this issue in their repository

or if you want to go deeper what’s going on take a look at their core

and you would see which part make that warning.(There are a lot of warning at present because a lot of thing going to deprecated soon)

I’m not sure that this is help but any question is appreciate.

thanks @pacozaa, I have a quick look through, but have no idea how to fix it, it seems Uri is going to remove this warning in a coming version, based on the github link you’ve provided.

once again, thanks very much.

Sure it is beta, but it was in Alpha for around a year :slight_smile: It is all what you are building (how big) and when it is launching. Biggest issue with ng2 is going to be library support for third party controls and such if you need that. I had to build a (mostly static) website this weekend, it was a blast to do in ng2.

To be fair, I am an Angular programmer but new to Meteor. My only concern as I see in the forums it seems Meteor is going to be filled with 90% REACT folks and very few Angular ones, in which case, I will stick with ng2 but have to give up what I think is a pretty amazing stack so far.

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Good point @TrikinCurt, thanks for sharing your experience, I will look into NG2 more closely, perhaps this is the time to make the switch to React?

Not for me, but I am sure plenty feel happy in the react world, but I prefer ng2 over react, so if push came to shove, I would give up meteor (since i don’t care about the bulk of it anyway), the goofy package manager and such, I am sure it is awesome if you have used meteor for a long time, but I prefer to find a package and type npm install than hope its on some site and maybe been updated.

If I understand, 1.3 is what gets rid of a lot of that old baggage, which I assume is why things are a little chaotic over here. There are folks like me, who are adopting ng2 and excited to see something like meteor adopt that, plus TypeScript and npm. I already use Mongo so from our side, it is a great win. But I imagine if you have been doing meteor for years, things feel a little upside down!

Then again, ng1 to ng2 is pretty upside down as well!

I just hope the relationship with Ionic stays strong through it, at that point this is everything I need, reactive programming, ng2, ionic, mongo, put built-in offline access and I am in heaven!

updated in the new version of the tutorial