Help with aslagle:reactive-table causing 2 rows in header


I’ve successfully installed, and have my table using the reactive-table.

Question: Is there a way to eliminate the sort-direction fontawsome icon from sorted columns; and prevent the header row from become two lines high?

Background: I have several fields in my table that are simple boolean (Yes/No) values.
I’ve replaced the Yes/No with nice fontawesome icons. I color code yes icons as green, and no values as Light Grey. This gives a nice clean table effect.

When this same approach is used in the header, when you sort the column the header row becomes two rows high.

I think this happens because, reactive-table might be using only the width of the data fields to determine the column width. When you sort, reactive-table adds "  downarrow icon" to the end of the table header field; and the column since is all icons is just one icon wide. Thus in the header “Icon”+"  downarrow icon" wraps in the field causing it to be two rows. This causes the header row to jump around from 1 row high to 2 rows high?

Is there a simple way (configuration) to eliminate the downarrow icon from showing up when you select a column for sorting? Or is this a bug? Or is this something I need to hack around?