Help with deploying internally


I have a working meteor app and am supposed to have it demoed to a set of people in their environment so as to get some feedback. What is the quick and easy way to have this done? Do I need to have node etc. set up in the target machine and follow these steps? Or maybe this?

The only restraint for now being, the code must not be made available / visible.


You can start the meteor app on your laptop with ROOT_URL specified and use a FQDN instead of localhost, that way users would be able to point their web browsers to http://yourlaptop:3000

For example, in the office (DHCP) I can start meteor with

ROOT_URL=http://$(uname -n):3000 meteor run

and other users can then connect to my laptop


Thanks! I was able to get it working after I followed what was posted in the first link i mentioned. Question now is, how exactly do I connect to the prod mongoDB? I need to redo the databse inserts.

This is what I did toget the app running on localhost node

$ export MONGO_URL='mongodb://localhost'
$ export PORT=3000
$ export ROOT_URL=''
$ node main.js


That is not needed. If you do NOT provide a MONGO_URL it will use the same mongo instance.

Wait, I just noticed you are invoking with node main.js so you actually did a meteor build?


Yes. I’ve done a meteor build, then did an npm install from within bundle/programs/server/


Why didn’t you just run it off your project folder instead of doing the build?


It has to be portrayed to the client and basically made to run off a client machine, and I do not want to share code. Which is why I did a meteor build and have the rest of the things done. All I need to do now is get the db running, and I should be all set.


You need to export (mongodump) your database and install/start a mongodb instance and then import the data. The way you are approaching this you need to treat it like a real deployment and that means you need to setup mongodb as well


I have the mongo dump ready. I also have node and mongodb installed in the target machine. My confusion is how I make the deployed meteor app talk to that mongo db instance

Since I’ve done the below already, how exactly do I make my meteor app use the available mongo db?

$ export MONGO_URL='mongodb://localhost'
$ export PORT=3000

Say for example, when I’m in the dev environment, I was dealing with a collection called db.Defaults. This collection has about 500 records. I’ve taken a db dump of it. I will now need to import it into the prod mongo db and then make meteor be notified to use that particular mongo instance.


you will need to import you data into your standalone mongodb and specify the database to use in your MONGO_URL.

Check out the deployment section in the guide