Help with Hot code push issue

I am at 1.6.1 meteor version. We have a web-app and Android/iOS mobile app in production. We are facing several problems and any pointers would be hugely appreciated:-

  • The Cordova build now is being stored in .meteor folder it does not copy to the build folder. It is not a problem but wondering if we are doing something wrong.

  • The Android app build happens. When opened first time on mobile it opens up and we are able to access the application. Once restarted it does not start and hangs after showing the splashscreen. On debugging I notice that it successfully downloads the version from the server for HCP when opened first time and tries to install the new version when restarted, but never completes. The log does not throw any error, after a long time it gives a message reverting back to previous good version --but then there is no previous version as the server and mobile are at same level - not sure what it is trying to revert back to. We are completely foxed and do not know how to debug. Any suggestions please.


Most likely a minification issue and the bundle rolls back to the previous version. Try running locally with meteor run --production to get the same production minification and you are able to debug.