Help with iOS platform setup


I have just installed Xcode-beta 7, although not using AppStore. (But it seems to be working just fine)

When I try to add the iOS platform, i.e. meteor install-sdk ios; I get the message that Xcode is not installed and the Meteor Wiki page opens up. I have installed Xcode Command Line tools as well:

$ xcode-select -p

How can I solve this problem?


The current version of the Cordova integration does not support running beta versions of Xcode, because it explicitly checks for the existence of in /Applications. I’m working on some improvements that I hope to get into the Meteor 1.2 release, and that should allow you to run different versions of Xcode (using xcode-select to choose between them).


Thanks for the quick response, and getting it from you, @martijnwalraven mean a lot! Simply renamed xcode-beta to xcode and it worked!


Glad that helped! You’re right, renaming it does work, although it won’t allow you to run a beta version alongside the release version.

Note that Apple will not allow you to submit apps built with a beta version of Xcode to the App Store. You may also want to make sure xcode-select doesn’t point to a now non-existing path.


xcode-select -p

Looks like all is well, right? About submitting an App to the Store, I don’t think I will be doing that any time soon, I would probably upgrade by the time I am done with my App. Thanks again for your help!