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I’m developing a simple web app for a project that I’m lunching on Friday. What the app do is take online orders and manage them . Is a simple web app with users, an admin for users and orders. And each user has a form to make a new order and a view of the orders history. I’m really stuck on the development, because I’m a beginner, I think I need something like a mentor, or a good soul that can help me finishing the app .


you can try this.


This framework its creator and community isnt beginner friendly. Noobie questions get ignored around here. Im going through this same thing ass well. Would be a smart business plan to have some kinda service in place that doesnt cost an arm and a leg to get a little &^%$ING help!!! Sorry venting…Im stuck right now and need help…been asking questions for days with no help at all…


I try to help out with the beginner questions around the forum! If you guys are super stuck with something, just message/email me and I will help when I’m not busy with work.


Dude, don’t say that. This community is very beginner friendly and people do their best to be helpful. That being said, you do have to put in the time and effort on various tutorials to get the hang of things.

I saw your questions in the Gitter channel. You really have to share code if you want help on specific things, even just snippets of code. No one can really know what’s going on with very specific bugs/issues otherwise.



We’ll be able to support you and I agree with @ffxsam, the Community is beginner friendly. I’ll need to know the issue you are facing and you might need to share the code. Do let me know if it works for you @francofadini

Sanjay Kumar


Maybe you’re asking questions incorrectly. I’ve asked a fair few beginner questions on this forum since deciding to take the Meteor plunge and I’ve had nothing but excellent feedback and answers. You have to give example code though or you’re not helping anyone. I wouldn’t waste my time helping someone with a code-related issue if they didn’t provide any sort of example of what they were trying to do. That would be flogging a dead horse.

Instead of accusing everyone in the community and saying we’re not friendly or unwilling to help newbies, why don’t you take a look in the mirror and grow the f*ck up.


Half the time I dont even get a response on gitter. There has to be a place for noobies to go or some kinda help channel for super begginers. Im coming from wordpress and Im fairly new to js but I love meteor and its db everywhere and pure js features. SO FAR for me getting help has been very difficult, I watch videos all the time and read the docs too but for noobies a lot of this stuff is hard to grasp at first. Im getting better but its been pretty much all me and extremely frsutrating at times.


I may take you up on that, I have a few issues that I have had to move past because my site needs to get done and I just cant focus all my attention and not get anywhere. If you dont mind and are available today I could run a few of these issue past you in a private message or something.


I was venting man, Im sure youve been there.


It also sounds like you could benefit from sharpening your JavaScript skills.

This book is a must:

And then to catch up with ES6/ES2015:

If the Meteor tutorials are stumping you, I think that means you need to take a step back and brush up some of the prerequisites first.


Ill check it out thanks, Im sure I need to brush up on my js skill and relearning some of the concepts but Its not unreasonable to wish there was a place for complete beginners to get help (Id even pay a fee for a phone call or chat time, as Im sure many would…) and to be a little frustrated there isnt. I was just venting, I apologize.


Again, this is a good place for beginners. You just have to know how to ask questions. A few tips:

  1. Provide code snippets! As many as possible. Without seeing code, most people cannot help you, unless you’re very detailed in your question.
  2. Be very detailed in your question!
  3. Keep your question as short as possible, people are busy and don’t want to have to read big paragraphs of text. Don’t cram several problems into one post, break them up and keep them bite-sized.

Be sure to start code blocks with three tildes (`) and close the code block with three tildes, to properly format your code, e.g.:

pie = new Pie();


Ok man will do, the main issue I was having is with the shopping cart in an e-commerce site Im building. Its probably a simple fix Im just not used to some of meteors functionality so Im having to figure out some things (how to reload data on a page without reloading window). I found a video in here for a shopping cart in meteor which Im going to watch today. It’s mostly that I have NO techie friends and really no one to reach out to when I need help.


As you see im a begginer, and more in forum that with meteor. i will publihing putual problems , fill i will have answers soon as your suggestions!. thanks you everyone.


@francofadini Where are you? Seems like you don’t need the support any longer!!!

Sanjay Kumar