Help with meteor build command for mobile app with Galaxy [SOLVED]



I have built a mobile app with Meteor and I deployed it on Galaxy. Now I am following the guide to deploy the app to the App Store:

I can’t seem to get the built app to connect to the server. It just hangs without any of the subscriptions loading. If my app is deployed on Galaxy, what should my “meteor build” command look like?

I have tried meteor build /Documents/meteor-build --server as I thought that might be it after doing some research but it did not work.

Thanks guys.


Can anyone help? I just can’t seem to get the app to connect to the server and get any data!


Try to lose the “http://” and I didn’t need a port aswell.

meteor build /Documents/meteor-build --server


Thanks for the reply!

That didn’t seem to work for me either. It works perfectly well online at the link but it just won’t connect on the build app. Do you have any other recommendations for testing the connection?

Thanks again rouce!


I got it! I did a meteor reset then ran:
meteor run ios-device --mobile-server --settings settings.json
It connected without problems! I think the reset was key.