Help with meteor deployment using mupx

Hey all,

I’m a newb at all of this so apologies in advance if I’ve missed something glaringly obvious.

I spent the last week rebuilding my personal portfolio site using Meteor but when it came to deploy it to my hosting I seem to have encountered a problem. I have posted the issue in full on Stack Overflow here.

I’d really appreciate any help I can get as I’m now just going in circles with it.

At the same time as trying out Meteor I decided to give Google Compute Engine a whirl as well. My suspicion is that there’s a firewall rule or permissions setting that is preventing the connection to the mongodb data - but as my knowledge in this arena is limited, it’s just a hunch.

Thanks in advance,

I would suggest adding your port to your mup.json

"env": {
  "PORT": 80, 

and re-deploying. If that doesn’t help try SSHing into your VM and restart docker (sometimes it gets confused). Regarding the firewall rule you added for Mongo access, you don’t need that. With mupx mongo is running in a docker container, and it’s bound locally (you won’t be able to access it externally).

Hey! Thanks for the response. I added "PORT": 80 and redeployed. I also restarted docker via ssh. Still no luck, unfortunately :expressionless: