Help with Meteor Install & Setup

Hello All,

I attempted to install Meteor and half through the install was stuck. So I had to force stop on the install. I went back and deleted the Meteor directory & all it’s files subsequently.

Now, When I attempt to install Meteor again, it says Meteor is already installed. Can anyone please provide the details of what other residual files(location) have to be cleaned to enable a new Meteor install?

Appreciate your help.


What is your OS ? What do you mean by ‘half through the install you were stuck’ ?

Specific to windows, particularly 10, but works same on 7 as well.

Go into add/remove programs in control panel and make sure it isn’t there. Try install again and just be patient and it tends to be slow. Clone the meteor simple-todos repo then run meteor update inside that folder. After it completes, meteor should be working fine.

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Thank you. Successfully uninstalled and installed the updated version.