Help with (metismenu) Jquery template


I was trying to templetize the bootstrap sb2 admin panel so that I can use it in a meteor app I’m trying to create. Fairly new to the whole thing.

Boot Strap Theme -

The theme works perfectly fine when I use it directly in meteor. However, when i try to call the index page from iron router, the side bar panel elements are always expanded. the inner level menu elements never get hidden. Is there something I’m missing out?

Steps to recreate what I’m experiencing:

  1. directly open index.html to view the behaviour of the side bar elements. On clicking the menu elements, the sub menu items get displayed.
  2. This is what my routes.js contains: Router.route(’/index’);
  3. When I open localhost:3000/index, the side bar menu items are always expanded.

Before using Iron Router:

After Routing the same index page using iron router: