Help with setting up Meteor app on Redhat/CentOS/Apache server


Now that my Meteor app runs locally I need to deploy it to my Internet server which is running Redhat and Apache. “meteor deploy” doesn’t work and MUP requires Ubuntu. I’m not in a position to upgrade my server to Ubuntu and/or nginx as there are other apps running there. Any words of wisdom or hints would be appreciated. If it matters, my app also needs SSL support but has almost no static elements (so web server caching isn’t really an issue). Thanks in advance.

= Ron


Hi Ron,

I’d written a how-to for a CentOS server, most everything should apply to your Redhat server.

I am no server admin and what I posted is what I figured out through trial and error and looking around the intertubes. Unfortunately, I will not be able to help if you have additional questions that is not in the scope of my write-up.

All the best.



Thanks Kamal, that’s a good start. I searched the web for “meteor redhat” but for some reason (old age?) didn’t think to search for “meteor centos”. Elsewhere I’ve found directions on using Apache as a front-end for the Meteor app (via virtual hosts). Once I get everything working I’ll update this thread with what I’ve learned plus leave a comment on your blog so others can save themselves from having to work through it themselves.

Thanks again,

= Ron


I made a fork of mup called mplz specifically for CentOS/RHEL 7 if that’s the distro you’re using.


Thanks. I can’t use nginx because the site is manged-hosted and needs Apache running to support cPanel. But I might fork your fork to add Apache support if that’s ok.

= Ron


Of course, fork away! :slight_smile: