Help with syncing packages through git

Context: I currently am developing an app in two different computers, using git to sync all files/folders except for .meteor of course. Also, I am a newbie. Anyway.

Currently I just do meteor create ., then checkout from my git repository. The problem I have with this is that the packages my project uses don’t get synched, obviously, so I have to manually add/remove them.

How do I synch the packages I use? Should I make a script that I can run every time I checkout the project from a new computer? Is there a file somewhere in .meteor that git should be tracking? Does meteor already have a tool for it?

You need be tracking the packages and versions files within the .meteor directory.

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Should I track everything except local from .meteor?

I think so. Personally, I track the whole .meteor directory. Meteor places a .gitignore within the directory to make sure you’re not tracking anything you don’t need.

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Thanks a bunch. Originally I just looked at .meteor and saw it weighed 1gb, so I looked no further and .gitignored it. I’ll try it right away.

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