Help with template level subs

I’m using fullPagejs for a one-page app. FullPage uses a markup like:

<div class"wrapper">
    <div class="section"></div>
    <div class="section"></div>

I may be making this too complicated, the first iteration of this project works great but I thought I could move to template level subscriptions for better performance. Each section is a an item, say a book. I use an each block to iterate through the collection of books and output the sections.

The first and last sections are static content and not from mongo. I’m using iron router with a layout template. In the home template is where i’m listing the books and using fullPage. The problem I’m having is that if I invoke fullPage on Template.home.onRendered only the first section is initialized. The sections that are part of the books subscription are not caught by fullPage and not initialized. I’m subscribing to books on the home template.

Am I doing this right? I can’t invoke fullPage on the book template as it repeats. And any other template!ate seems to be called well in advance of my subscription. I tried wrapping it in a .ready() but that doesn’t ever seem to be called.

It’s really hard to help you without the code… I would suggest coding up a simple reproduction on to showcase your issue.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll get to that this afternoon, totally forgot about meteorpad!