Help with useraccounts


I’m trying to use the useraccounts package for registration/login/logout, but the basic forms don’t appear for me. Is there a guide or step that I’m missing?

<template name="registration">
   {{> atForm}}

I’m also attempting to use the iron router add-on for useraccounts.


Works for me. Are you including the registration template somewhere?


@carina I have it included in my overall layout in this bootstrap dropdown link:

<li class="registration"><a href="{{pathFor 'registration'}}">Register</a></li>

And this is the iron-router route for it.

Router.route('registration', function() {

Thanks for helping me out again!


That works for me too, without any iron-router add-on, just the basic iron-router package and useraccounts-unstyled packages. Do you also have accounts-base and either accounts-password or one of the other accounts-service packages installed?

What’s the behavior you’re seeing when you navigate to /registration?


All the other required packages are installed.

When I navigate to /registration, all I receive is a blank page with my overall app navbar. But when I use

{{> atForm state='signUp'}}

The signUp template works. But not the full {{> atForm}} or any other form. There are no errors occurring in the console either. I’m thoroughly confused by this.


I think I’m reaching the limit of my useful knowledge here, as I’ve never actually used the useraccounts package. But if you continue to have trouble, I’d be happy to try reproducing if you can put together a minimal reproduction app. Perhaps the process of doing so could help you isolate the source of the problem.


@carina I was using just the accounts-ui package with accounts-password before for the {{> loginButtons}} but I thought switching would provide a better UX. I’m trying to beta test my web-app with ~50 people. Do you think that just using accounts-ui would suffice for now? I’ll have to go through my templates more rigorously to find the problem, thank you for offering even more help!


I’d say it depends on how important that piece of UX is to you at this stage. I use ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3 just for my navbar login menu and it’s enough for my UX needs there, but I also complement that with a custom landing page login flow that uses the Meteor accounts API and is optimized for high conversion.

Again, I’ve never used useraccounts but my impression is that it gives you pretty standard forms but with finer control over the form elements and functionality. Seems like plenty of people use it, so I would think it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out your issue.