Helpers, getReactively, 1.3

So, I’ve been building an app in Angular/Meteor for a while now. And while its working great, I’ve been getting this warning recently.

defining 'games' value helper, note that this feature will be deprecated in 1.4 in favor of using 'getReactively' -

Here’s the thing, I can’t find any documentation on this change. At all.

Any info so I can migrate early?

is game a variable? if so don’t initialize it in a helper.

It’s a collection, one used in my templates, functions, etc.

Can we see a bit of code ?

I think this started popping up in angular 1.3.5 or somewhere around there. They made the decision to only have helpers return Cursors. If your helper is not returning a cursor, but instead an object or similar, then you will get this warning.

If you want to reactively bind an object to your controller, use autorun instead.