Here is something that I have created with meteor and want to share with you guys

Hey, here is a website that I’ve created with meteor. Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

And I have even created a channel for meteor so if anyone finds it interesting please record your hello message:

If you have any questions - shoot.


Hi, just some feedback.

The app seems to run smoothly which is good. Videos load fast. I found a NFSW video on the front page, you should add a filter.

Also, I am not sure I’ve understood the point of your app, maybe a little description would help. Finally, a more modern design would be appreciated.

Good luck :wink:

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Thanks for a very good feedback I appreciate it. There is no important point in it - simply you can create your own channel and share videos/pictures/links or simply browse and watch what others shared. I have added video recording feature now so I would like people to start communicating with video messages or even start they micro vlogs. Yeah homepage is maybe too controversial I will fix it. Design is obviously bad, but that’s the best I can do unfortunately :slight_smile: I guess I am simply going to put my own channel on homepage and start my own micro vlog as an example because it’s really probably not very clear from the first visit why would user should return to vdling.

Thank you very much!

Looks nice, can you say something about the lessons you have learnt making this. Would you use Meteor again if you made this again. What CSS framework are you using?

Hi, I am actually java developer but meteor seemed to be a better tool for this kind of project so I learned some javascript and it worked out pretty well (still “old style” meteor code with blaze and bootstrap for css). As you can see it works fine on 2$ per month server and I haven’t done any performance tuning yet but possibly for a lot of concurrent users elixir and phoenix might be a better choice. If it is again situation when I don’t know javascript/meteor I would probably choose elixir now, but that’s just opinion without data - I haven’t really evaluated it. Probably I wouldn’t choose meteor at this time because when evaluating it I would find all those bad forum posts and see diminishing github commits on meteor and it’s community packages. Having said that now when I am stuck with it - it isn’t that bad. I am now on newest version and still use “old style” code without imports without any problems and it’s still slowly moving forward and doing it’s job. Probably it’s still easiest tool on the market for that kind of project.
My lessons are:
Devops are hard but certainly doable even without experience (I host mongo on the same server).
You need to be extra careful about security in meteor apps.
To do a project alone from learning language/framework to coding to design to server administration to deployment is quite a journey and you learn a lot and if you do that you need to prepare that there will be definitely more work than you anticipate.
And related lesson is that because of that do less. I should just have embraced video recording from the start and created simple one channel page with my vlog as this is defining feature - real time video message that you can record right in the browser. Just sharing funny videos is really not that interesting and really hard to get a point of the website as @n1s noticed.

Quick response:

  1. Design kind of outdated (as mentioned above)
  2. Safari is not supported

As thread has a wide name, here is 3 websites based on top of meteor and I want to share with you guys:

  1. GoTo
  2. CSS Builder
  3. Uniq

I’ll subscribe on this thread in a hope other folks will share theirs meteor based works/projects/apps/sites/you name it

Don’t get me started on Safari and Apple - I barely can express myself without cursing :slight_smile: Unfortunately I can’t do anything about it - it is crippled backward browser which does not have any support for webrtc and possibly will never support webm video format. It’s even worse on IOS as Apple does not allow alternative rendering engines so even Firefox uses same apple’s webkit. This really really not cool. Some developer in France even sued Apple for that, but as much as unethical it is it’s probably legal practice. On the bright side it seems they are working on webrtc now and maybe I could make video recording to mp4 so it might be possible to support Safari in the near future.
For goto on Firefox I don’t see any text, and for css builder on Firefox I can’t edit that text. Uniq is nice, you could add a check if generated name has a free domain name. That could be useful.

@ignl thanks for reply

Uniq is nice, you could add a check if generated name has a free domain name

Done, there is “globe” icon at left bottom corner.

For goto on Firefox I don’t see any text, and for css builder on Firefox I can’t edit that text.

Thanks I’ll check it

Are you on Windows?

which does not have any support for webrtc and possibly will never support webm video format

Why you’re using webrtc? Is there other way to record video at browser and then send it to server?

Yes I am on windows. The only other way to record video in browser is flash which apple also does not support.
P.S. I think domains check should visible at first sight - I personally didn’t even think about some small icon in the corner.

Why you can not use?



<input type="file" name="video" accept="video/*" capture>

Here is good article:

Vdling does use getUserMedia() - it’s that or flash, I am not aware of any other choices.