HERE Map APIs integration

Has anyone ever tried to integrate APIs for HERE Map? All I can see when searching for packages is Google Maps or OpenLayers. I am interested to take advantage of HERE’s various platform extensions.

There is an API built from OpenLayers to connect to Here Map service:

I am looking for the same package that does it directly from a Meteor package. Anyone working on something similar?

There seem to be a number of npm packages for this. Any reason why you’re specifically looking for a Meteor package?

thanks rob. i’m pretty much a newbie to meteor (and app development) so I haven’t thought about searching for it in npm as I mostly just use atmosphere. and you are right, there are npm packages existing already. so I guess the takeaway is that I should start learning how to use npm.

It’s not actually much different to standard Meteor packages.

Instead of meteor add some:package, it’s meteor npm install somePackage --save.

Instead of import { SomePackage } from 'meteor/some:package', it’s either import SomePackage from 'somePackage'; or import { SomePackage } from 'somePackage'; depending on whether it only supports require (which corresponds to the first form) or full ES6 import/export syntax (the latter form).