Heroku makes free demo apps a reality again


In the past, Heroku had a free tier for their service that allowed an app to run on one Dyno for up to 18 hours per day. This was fine for some demos, but if the app was previously asleep then it would take an average of 5-10 seconds of startup time for the first new connection. They’ve changed their policy to 1,000 free hours per account per month. This means that an app can run on the Hobby tier continuously, 24 hours per day, and not touch the 1000-hour monthly limit. Free Meteor demo hosting is back on the menu!

How-to: https://medium.com/meteor-js/deploying-and-hosting-meteor-on-heroku-mongolab-for-free-37050a3ebd7e#.9xa55fmu1


Do they allow you to also use your own domain name on the free tier?


@tab00 Yes I was using it the other day actually.


Thanks for sharing Alex!