High-traffic applications and large datasets?

I have a Pos App with about 100 companies. How much should I use mongo atlas like Tier =?
RAM =?
Storage =?
vCPU =?
And on the other hand, the machine for the App should use Ram =? And CPU =? How much

Dear @phanchanra did you consider to hire someone to manage your projects?
You can also offer partnerships, equity options, bounties etc here on the forum or post a new position on the Meteor jobs platform.

Anyway, I will do this one shot for free now, but this is the last time I contribute to your projects.

Atlas Tier - as large as you need.
RAM - same as above
Storage - same as above
vCPU - same as above.

On your other hand:
RAM - same as above
CPU - same as above.

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@paulishca I do it my self but I want to know specific for suitable

As I know, Atlas has auto scaling feature. You can estimate numbers of queries per second, data size based on your app’s features.

@minhna my data 2 million in one company my app like quickbook online

I guess you mean 2 millions records. It’s fine, mongodb can handle that well if you have right indexes.
if you have all data now, I think you can measure how big it is then choose a bigger size on Atlas, enable auto scaling feature then it’s good to go.

@minhna sorry I confuse 2M mean each companies.

  1. Contact Atlas. They have sales engineer that can assist for questions like this.

  2. Guesstimate an initial tier with the atlas sales engineer

  3. Ask assistance from atlas when you need to upgrade/downgrade from your initial tier. Without initial data/load, everything is a guesstimate (see #2)

@rjdavid Thank for your advise.