[hint] Access to mongo shell when testing

TLDR; mongo meteor --port 3001

This is more a note to self, but might help others:
When running meteor in testmode like:
meteor test --full-app --driver-package tmeasday:acceptance-test-driver

and running your tests like:
chimp --ddp=http://localhost:3000 --watch --path=tests"

… meteor creates an empty dummy mongo database every time. Which is nice, so you don’t mess up your actual data. On startup you seed it with some test-data.

But apparently you cannot connect to it using the usual meteor mongo command to have shell access. By default, it creates another mongo-server on port 3001. meteor mongo --port 3001 does not work, but if you have mongoDB installed systemwide, you can use mongo meteor --port 3001. It connects your regular mongo-shell to the test mongo instance, and take the ‘meteor’ database.

I might be missing something obvious, but this works.

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