Hints to get started testing a data model

I am getting ready to start development of my first nontrivial Meteor app. I would like to begin by implementing its data model and writing unit tests to ensure that the API works correctly. A description of the preliminary data model is here:


I intend to follow the excellent recommendations in the Meteor Guide Chapter on Collections. But I am unclear about a few issues, such as:

  1. What is the simplest way to unit test just the data model portion of an application (i.e. before the interface is even implemented). I would prefer to use Jasmine, but not sure how to set up the test runner. Any recommendations and/or sample code?

  2. Should I create a package for the data model?

  3. Are there helpful utilities and/or Atmosphere packages (beyond simple-schema) that you would recommend?

Thanks very much for helping me avoid beginner pitfalls.