[Hiring freelancer]www.pigments.io is in need of SEO optimization

Hi everyone,

we’re a young startup looking to hire a freelancer for the first time! We’re a marketplace for print shops, we help people find, rate and book print shops nearby.

We are specifically looking for some initial SEO work to be done to get our site on the highest search results on Google, which hopefully shouldn’t be too hard since print shops in South East Asia don’t exactly do a lot of work in that area. We want to reach this goal in the next few months since we intend to gain regional traction fast this year after our next version of our site is out.

What we need:

  1. Initial consultation how to kickstart our SEO, we’ve done almost nothing so far
  2. Experience with dynamic sites and content, preferably meteor related.
  3. Both technical and content based knowledge how to tackle our challenges as a location based marketplace

We’re also always looking for people to join our team just as a little hint :wink:

Since we’re a young startup our budget is fairly limited, so we most likely won’t be able to afford you if you’re working in a developed country, aka we’re looking for Asian rates :smile:

Just a small suggestion, but you could make your mobile menu (top right) perform better by making the inner content pre-sized, and the outer container (the one that grows) overflow:hidden. Then it won’t re-flow the text each frame (it’ll save a single bitmap for the CPU (or GPU if you enable acceleration using CSS transform).

Google for SEO optimization - hire the #1 result because you know they are good. :smile: