[HIRING] React & Meterial UI with Meteor (Front-End Developer)

Hey guys, I am around quite a bit in the community lately and I know that we have some very talented people here.

I am currently supervising a B2B Start-Up that uses React & Material UI with Meteor and I am about to re-staff the team. The project needs a Front-End Developer eager to work / experienced with React to primarily implement Screens & Components. Skilled in JavaScript / ES2015.

Pun on my recent post: :ballot_box: 1.3 App Structure with Screens & Components

  • sorry, I did not have the time yet to update the post & implement the feedback -

Here the offering:


If you are interested, simply write - according to the specifications - an email to the CTO (in the ad), message me here or ask your questions in this thread (may not an answer to all questions :wink: ).

I have no immediate, financial benefit of hiring someone. Merely the uptake to work with skilled people - otherwise I would have not posted it here.