[Hiring] Work with Me (Skinnygeek1010) to Help Hack the Housing Crisis


I’m currently working with Haven Connect to help digitize affordable housing applications and would love to have you help out the team!

There are two main parts to the app, a dashboard for property managers to accept housing applications and the second part is a white-label HTML form that is a digital version of the original paper application.

We’re using a few Meteor microservices to tie all of these together on the backend and the frontend. The frontend is using React, one of them is using Redux (which is a life-saver in this use case!). Most all code is tested using Jasmine for unit tests and ChimpJS for end-to-end tests.

Interested? PM me, send an email adambrodzinski@gmail.com, or email Caroline at caroline@havenconnect.com



forgot to mention that remote work is ok too!