Hol loader in Blaze?

Today meteor refreshes page every time you save code, that is slow and pretty bad ux. It would be perfect to have something like “React hot loader” React Hot Loader · Tweak React components in real time. when we update only part of the page. Is it hard to implement ? or someone can take this problem and solve ?

upd. Well i looked at React vs Blaze topic and it seems that this is the problem with Blaze which is default view layer in Meteor. I guess if i am using React layer hot loading available by default ?
From that topic - @gadicc tries to solve the problem What would be interesting if somebody would add virtual DOM on top of Blaze.

Virtual DOM isn’t actually a factor here. The main issue here is that on save Meteor resends the entire client payload (except for CSS). So even if you were using React with Meteor, we’d need changes to Meteor itself to have a way to only send the changed template over.

The good news is that Blaze can be made to work with this type of hot loading, see e.g.

Once that’s been more tested in fview-lab for a while, it’s something I’d indeed like to see get into Meteor core. And the changes involved for that could work with both Blaze & React. Even better news is that the CSS hot loading already provides a pattern for it.

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Also to add, Meteor 1.2 will be much much faster when reloading. A sample app that was taking 17 seconds to reload was cut down to 1.something seconds to reload. :smile:


well that demo looks pretty impressive, this is really what i mean when started this topic, looking forward for updates on that technology

[quote=“SkinnyGeek1010, post:3, topic:6989”]
A sample app that was taking 17 seconds to reload was cut down to 1.something seconds to reload
[/quote] wow, that’s awesome and could remove need for that improvement