Hooks to chain callbacks in custom order


is there any package which enable us to use hooks kinda like in Wordpress?
It should pass Object/Array as an argument to first callback, wait for it to finish, than returning value pass to 2nd callback etc ?
Best would be with some priority number so I can sort callbacks based on that number.

I want to be able to initiate by client side UI action, pass it as method to server where it exec hooks and then return some final value back to client.
And I want to be able to plug in various callbacks in that chain, for start I plan to use 1 callback there, but I want to be able to add more so it would have fully pluggable event chain. That 1 callback for now would be from 1 of 2 packages - directly calling DB methods or calling meteorhacks:cluster service method.
So I want to be able to fast detach various layers of application to separate microservices without need to rewrite end points, but just adding cluster version of package and removing direct call version.

I checked and I would probably just rewrite Telescope callback system if there is no already prepared solution.

Event emitters are nice, but I want to have option to pass back end results.