Host multiple meteor app on private vps with passenger + nginx

hi guys,
i need some advices to host multiple meteor app with passenger. First. Is that possibile?..i tried with nginx config file but without success. Reading over the internet i found that i maybe possibile to host multiple app as follow:

server {

listen port;
server_name name;
passenger_env_var ROOT URL;

location ~/test{



i tried a lot of stuff in location section. in the case of static pages it works as expected but if i try to start a meteor app down here i got errors.

thanks in advance

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This is interesting also for me. Hopefully someone will tell us something :stuck_out_tongue:

I am hosting several Meteor sites with Passenger behind nginx. Each entry looks something like this

server {
    root <directory where I copied meteor build output>/bundle/public;
    access_log logs/nginx/full.url.example.access.log main;
    passenger_enabled on;
    passenger_app_type node;
    passenger_startup_file main.js;
    passenger_nodejs /Users/jhm/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/1.4.1_1/mt-os.osx.x86_64/dev_bundle/bin/node;
    passenger_env_var ROOT_URL;
    passenger_env_var MAIL_URL smtp://;
    passenger_env_var MONGO_URL mongodb://<database>;
    passenger_env_var MONGO_OPLOG_URL mongodb://;

You need to adjust the paths and IP addresses

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hey thanks for your reply…i have two questions :

1 - if i get your point you are using separate conf file and subdomain?
2 - is possible to do that with location stuff?and with that i mean…using a unique config file?

I use uniq config files per domain in a config sub-dir that nginx reads. No location stuff.