Host two apps on one domain. URGENT

So I have and, is there any way I can move a to

I don’t think so, 1 app for 1 domain (or subdomain). Or you can design 1 app with a page on /listen and another page on / which looks like 2 different apps but I think it’s not what you aim.

Why don’t you like the subdomain usage?

You can, you’d need a load balancer in front to send any request to /listen to the second app.

You’d also include /listen in the root url. There are some gotchas when building for Cordova too.

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Yes, ofcourse! Just put it behind nginx with a reverse-proxy:


I use Apache, but this is the right method. Nginx or Apache don’t care about the url schema, it just does what it’s told.

Somehwat complex is if you’re not a pretty good server admin, but the tutorials are on Youtube/Stack overflow

I’m using traefik to do just that - if your services are using docker or kubernetes, I would argue it’s a better solution than the above :wink:
But if you’re already using/familiar with nginx or Apache, they can do it well too.


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