Hosted MongoDB Location


Hi again, I’m thinking about how a hosted MongoDB’s location will affect client performance. Let’s say we have a client user located in Singapore, and another located in the United Kingdom. The app is hosted in Italy, and the hosted MongoDB service is located somewhere else, like in Ireland and another scenario where it’s in Singapore? So how will MongoDB and client locations affect the user’s experience in terms of the app’s data fetching response time?

Will it be something like this?

MONGODB / USER          User In Singapore          User in UK
MongoDB in Ireland            SLOWER                 FASTER
MongoDB in Singapore          FASTER                 SLOWER


Are you located in Singapore? Have previously found that webhosting in Malaysia have direct network to EU regions and to Singapore.

Slow isn’t a problem if the database data are cache into minimongo on the clients side and will be instantaneous access the cache when the user going back to the old pages. Having nginx on the frontend while meteor at the back can see some improvement when the traffic is high.

The only advice is to measure latency and scale them as need.


Oh was just giving an example where what if the data is closest (within the city) and farthest (half way around the globe) from the user. I just wanted to see how laggy one scenario would compare with the other.


I think the results would vary depending on which carrier is used for hosting in each country.

As @proyb2 said with clients running a local copy of the database a lot can be mitigated.
I would think other than the initial load it should be possible to develop an app which can deal with higher latency on network links.