Hosting / Deploying Meteor app on Ramnode

Please my request is simple and straight forward: is there anyone presently hosting Meteor app on Ramnode, if there are, please kindly furnish me with the step-by-step process of how ot deploy from Windows to linux on Ramnode server. Thanks.

It will be no different than any deploying to any other linux server.

Easiest option is:

Thank you very much. I’m just hope I’ll get a person who pratically have deployed on it because previously I have bought a server that I have to abandon because of many glitches

Just follow the instructions and you shouldn’t have any issues. Report back here if you have trouble.

The experience is breezy. I’m short of words to appreciate the developers of Meteor-up. Thanks @bmanturner

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@bmanturner Is there anyway to deploy 2 applications using Meteor-up, one to the main domain while the other as a sub-domain? Let’s say the main domain is, the other app should be Please any tutorial to guide. Thanks. God bless.

I believe you will have to have two separate configuration files.