Hosting for meteor other than galaxy

hi all , i have a question about hosting.
Is it possible to run the app on a host other than galaxy?
I am in a country where the dollar is very high.
And I want to use the host in my own country.


Sure, with meteor build you create a plain node.js project that can be hosted wherever you want, see


NodeChef is a fine alternative to Galaxy.


I have recently started moving new projects from Galaxy to App Engine on Google Cloud Platform. Unfortunately there is very little cost saving as far as I can tell so far, but the environment feels a little more robust.

I’m hosting it on AWS, deploying via mup. Works as a charm, but might not be the cheapest offer out there.

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I’ve used this guide to deploy on Digital Ocean + MongoDb Atlas.

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I have been using DigitalOcean for many years for deploying Meteor apps. For as little as $5 per month you can have a running app without any issues. I have deployed multiple apps in a droplet without any issues

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What about scaling up once your app has traffic? Is the cheap DO cost w/ devops more affordable than say scaling up containers in Galaxy?

I’d say worry about scaling when you need to scale? I have a production app load balanced across mutiple DO nodes using CloudFlare’s load balancing module (extra $5pm). Works well, simple, easy to reason about, and cheap. And I was already using CF anyway.

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