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hello everyone!

I found, A cloud application that allow you to connects your AWS accounts to manage and deploy meteor apps.

Already have three apps running and it realy cool to deploy a new version through his dashborad or his cli typing “waves deploy” also easy to set up a load balancer, ssl certificate or simple restart your app.
It’s free for one app and their have a coupon to get 3 month of 50% off for his unlimited version

here an article for more details



Looks interesting.

Any idea how it handles deploying one app to multiple regions?

Duplicate of: Easy AWS Hosting for Meteor

Can it host Meteor apps on Beanstalk for auto scaling features?


Ask on the intercom chat if you need help

You can deploy on any AWS region you want

Thanks will take a look.

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What I’m asking for is if I have to create new app in each of the desired regions or if I create an app and then select the regions, etc. and hence have one deploy command that then gets it to all containers across globe.
Right now with Galaxy if I want to update my app I have to deploy to all regions individually. I’m looking for something that simplifies this in similar way as MongoDB Atlas.

Oh, I understand. Right now it does not has support for multi-region apps.

That was the term I was looking for! :laughing:

That is the killer feature I’m looking for, but I do admit that it is way advanced (MongoDB Atlas makes it look way too easy). I don’t recall any app hosting service having that, but admittedly I haven’t looked too much outside of Galaxy.

You could create a script that does that job.


waves deploy myapp-us-east
waves deploy myapp-eu-east

It would be slower but it does the job.

Also it’s possible to route different regions using Route53 (DNS).

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