Hosting Meteor on Windows Server 2008 Or Ubuntu?



Which of the two OS’s is better for Meteor in terms of the custom hosting ? and why ?


I’d always go with Ubuntu. A fair few Windows users have reported issues with Meteor (although, to be fair, I think those were in dev environments). It seems to me like the vast majority of people hosting Meteor apps on their own servers (myself included) are using Linux (usually Ubuntu, although I’ve also got a app running on a three year old Debian server – it’s been running on that, with app versions constantly updated, since Meteor was at 0.5.7).

Most of the custom deployment solutions are tried and tested on Ubuntu. And some things, like mup / mupx (Meteor deployment command line tools - that make life a LOT easier), only work on Linux, as far as I know. That said, I’m not sure if mupx will still deploy a 1.4 app – I couldn’t get it to deploy any 1.3 apps successfully, although I seem to remember other users on the forum having no problems.