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I haven’t seen this post in a while. It’s always good to have a idea of the options out there and my plan is to turn this into a list linked to github pull requests on my website as a easy reference guide for people looking for hosting. Please post below any hosting you know and I’ll throw it on the list.


Type: Meteor Hosting Only [No Database Hosting]
Location(s): AWS us-east cloud
Developer Tier: $0.035/GB/Hour, AWS us-east cloud 512MB container size 0.5ECU compute unit
Professional Tier: $395/mo, 5 team members, 5GB included RAM, 1GB+ container size, 1ECU+ compute unit, Pre-Rendered SEO $250/10GB add-on RAM
Enterprise Tier: 20+ team members, 50GB+ included RAM, Varied add-on RAM, Unlimited max RAM, 1GB+ container size, 1ECU+ compute unit. Pricing can be found by contacting sales.

Do you mean hosts that support Meteor out of the box? Like:

That being said Meteor apps can be run on pretty much any host (within reason) - forum member favourites include Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS, Heroku, and Azure.

Don’t forget bluemix. Here’s some thoughts I wrote about my experience


Refer to this blog post for feature comparison of NodeChef and Galaxy. That may help as well when looking at the options out there. These two are great for meteor hosting.

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There is anyone in the forum who’s actually hosting his meteor app on NodeChef? It’d be great if he shares his experience and thoughts here.

I deployed a test app on nodechef a while back and intend to use them when my app is ready. Works very well for me.


Thanks for sharing your experience!

I’m trying NodeChef and I’m liking.

Google Cloud Compute is offering a $300 new account credit.

I’ve been running 3 months on friggin super computers for free while I build and debug my app.

Self hosted MongoDB Oplog + Node server, 2 servers total. Love it.

Complicated to setup… :confused:

I am looking for a free hosting provider. How this work?

Google Free Google Cloud Compute and you’ll find your answer. Microsoft Azure does it too.

Build your own VM’s and run MongoDb on them.

As feedback, I am using Galaxy in production and a VM config by myself for testing.
I choose galaxy because easy deploy and APM embeded.