Hosting your Meteor app with another vendor? Try Galaxy for free!

Thousands of customers worldwide now trust Galaxy to run their Meteor apps-- it’s the easiest, most reliable way to scale your production apps. Customers love that Galaxy is built and supported by the expert engineers behind the Meteor framework itself. Most customers have told us they switched to Galaxy from other hosting providers due to a lack of reliability and support.

If you’re currently using another provider to host your Meteor apps, we’d like to give you a fantastic opportunity to experience Galaxy for free.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Email your latest hosting bill (dated June 1 or later) and your current Meteor app URL(s) to
  2. If accepted, we’ll send you a unique promo code you can use to signup for a new Galaxy account.
  3. For every $25 paid on your most recent monthly bill, you’ll receive 512MB of free Galaxy container capacity to use until August 31, 2016 (e.g. if you spent $80 last month, you’ll receive 2GB of free Galaxy usage. Yes, we’ll round up in your favor!). Please note that any usage during the month beyond your free capacity will be billed at normal metered rates.

If you have questions not covered in the Galaxy FAQ, please send them to

Hope to see you running on Galaxy!


I have always been bewildered by such “offers”.
If you are already well established with a competitor, we offer you free service so that you can drop our competitor and come with us.
If you are a newcomer who hasn’t any hosting yet, you are welcome to pay the full regular price.

I see this as an incentive to go with the competitors instead. I’m not expert, but imho, this is “shoot oneself in the foot” marketing.

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I agree, there should be benefits for all potential customers.

This isn’t as strategically sound as you might think MDG. In fact, for me, it’s kind of a slap in the face.

Hey @mz103 and @vjau,

Thanks for the feedback! We regularly run promotional campaigns for Galaxy, so keep an eye out for one that works for you. This one in particular is designed to attract customers that already host elsewhere.

Not sure if that a useful feedback, but:
AWS & Google cloud offer $100k free credits to a number of startups. So (in case you want to attract people on those plans) you should offer 100% no string attach hosting for a longer period than one month, and frame it much more around ease of use and performance. Because one month is a very short period of time to justify spending time to try a new service given all the time cost involved.
Additionally, my impression is that galaxy has a larger advantage over other services for large apps that needs to scale easily. (mupx does an excellent job at setting up easily a one server app anywhere) For a large app the cost of switching is even higher, and I would not do anything here for a benefit that is only a one month thing.

Sounds like a great offer. Will try to take advantage. Emailing with some questions.