Hot code push doesn't work after deploying on server

I installed the hot code push package which is working fine as long as I started the app on my local pc like this:
meteor run android-device --settings settings.json --verbose --production --mobile-server http://localIP:3000

When I use my remote server, hot code push doesn’t work anymore. I use meteor-1.3-beta.11 (since 12 doesn’t work for me) and deploy with “meteor up”.
I buld the app with
meteor run android-device --settings settings.json --verbose --production --mobile-server http://serverIP and also tried
meteor build .build --mobile-settings settings.json --server http://serverIP

The folder ./app/programs/web.cordova is available on the server.

Did you set ROOT_URL on the server? (With ‘meteor up’, I believe you would use mup.json for this.)

Yes, I set the ROOT_URL and the DDP_DEFAULT_CONNECTION_URL in the mup.json

Any console output or network errors in the Chrome remote debugger (chrome://inspect)?

No, I don’t see any debug or error messages regarding hot code push. I checked the mobile logs and server logs as well.
On wednesday I will test with an ios app. Let’s see if it works there.