Hot code push: download old bundle

Whenever I make changes to the cordova-plugin list and upload to my server, new installs cannot download the bundle anymore. It just shows a white screen. Does this mean I have to upload new iphone/android versions every single time after making changes to the cordova plugin list?

Or is it possible to make sure the not yet updated appstore/play store app get served the older version?

Maybe my reasoning is off, if you spot errors please let me know.

If you send out a new update with a changed cordova-plugins file, you end up with two incompatible bundles. In my eyes the only solution is to update your mobile-server domain and the app in the appstore/playstore at the same time. Otherwise new app installs cannot download the bundle and will get a white screen.

However, this is not possible, since Apple takes about a day to review new app updates and they cannot review the app if you haven’t pushed the last version of the app to the mobile server yet…