Hot code push in production ? dont it cause trouble if user is in the middle of filling a form?


I tried to search here and on google, but dont seem to find a specific thread related to this question :
hot code push is enabled by default, and working totally fine, but …

if my user is in the middle of filling a long form and at the same time i push a bug fix, it will cause his browser to reload ! and he loose all his work

for me it seems a strange behavior

is there a way to disable hot code push for specific urls ? or any other solutions to address this issue

i’m surprised it does not come more as a concerning subject on the net

thanks for any replies



Thanks !

any thoughts on when to use hot code push in production ?


Well you could trigger it on specific routes when visited. Or on app load fetch latest code.


If you’re clever with using ReactiveDict you can cache live form data and have it survive a hot code push.