Hot Code Push IOS - File Mixup 1.2.1

When I pushed an update to a Modulus server that package contained the correct CSS within the project, but when the file was written on the IOS phone it wrote the main HTML page into the CSS file instead of the CSS data that was expected.

When I connect it to safari and overwrite the css file with the correct data it went all back to normal, but I cant save over the file.

I am not ready to move to 1.3… yet seems to be a moving target right now and I dont want new problems.

I wonder if their is a method to verify that the file is written correctly, maybe with a checksum. I need to know that everyone has the app correctly deployed on their phone and if not, then how do I get just them to re-deploy and get the files correct this time.

maybe their should be a start and end hash on the css file so it knows its in the write place.