Hot Code Push Loop issue on mobile and Androd

Hi there,

currently I have an issue with hot code push only on mobile and with Android.
It does not happen on iOS nor browser.
It seems based on logcat´s output and verbose in console that the hcp is activated continuously in a loop, although there is no difference between mobile and server.

The effect on user level is, that I see the login/first screen for some seconds, whitescreen, some seconds again and again.

Has anyone had a similar problem?

Ps. I will add the log output in the next hours.

Thank you in advance.

I solved it.

It seems the reason was that my server ran with the “–settings” option and my mobile build was done w/o the “–settings” flag.
But it is interesting that this results in a hot code push, while the build --mobile-setting option says that you can set the default values by using it…

Background: The build I generated with the command “android run” and copied it from ant-build folder instead of originally use the build command.