Hot code push need to uninstall and reinstall app?

Hello all,

I just tried hot code push on my --debug android app.

After I deploy new code, I did see the app on mobile get refresh. But the functionality doesn’t fully sync with the new code.

I try uninstall the app and install again with the same APK file, only then the app is fully function as the new deploy code.

Why is that? I’m sure that is not the way it should be. What could be wrong? Please advice, thank you.

Which Meteor version do you use? This was a well known problem until Meteor 1.2 and was fixed on 1.3.

Hi, I’m using latest version 1.4.2. Deploy with kadiraHQ MUP.

Any advice how to debug this issue?

Did you try remote debugging via Chrome console?

Ok I’ll try that and see what’s wrong. Just to make sure this is not expected behaviour. Thanks.