Hot code push not working for an android mobile app


We are trying to test hot code push to a mobile app and have loaded autoupdate
the apk generated through meteor build android nis being run directly on an android phone as this is in testing so we are not going through the app store.
We are deploying the Web App on Heroku.

However changes made to code is getting loaded on the website but not on the mobile.
Any help would be much appreciated.


There might be couple of reason for this.

  1. if you have run the app as
    meteor run android-device
    then it is pointing to the IP address of your local machine and the port. One the app goes to the live server you need to point the app to the site
    meteor build ~/buildDirectory \ --server=your live server address

if you want to run directly
meteor run android-device --mobile-server server address

** I think is is not the issue but i found this one as well. The mobile app is reloded only after the complete new UI are placed in the mobile app cache. sometimes the connectivity goes out before the new version of the app is stored. lol

Hello, I’m in the same boat.

I have a mobile app connecting to my production server. I have a “Client Version x.xx” which is simply not updating.

The strange part is, it was working earlier today. So I KNOW the mobile app builds are OK.