Hot Code Push version control (package proposal)


I’m currently planning a package to manage compatibility between Meteor server and client versions. This will have particular focus on Meteor Cordova apps, where client code stored on device can become stale in situations (such as when a newer version deployed to the server depends on different Cordova plugins).

  • add a server version publication (using SemVer conventions)
  • display modal link to update app from app store if client version is no longer compatible (e.g. if hot code push has failed for some reason, such as missing required cordova plugins, etc)
  • display warning that update will be required by certain date (e…g if certain server methods/publications have been deprecated and scheduled for deactivation, and client update cannot be achieved via hot code push)
  • provide hooks to add custom templates and behaviour in the cases above

I’m already using the excellent jamielob Reloader package, and designing my package to work well alongside that.

Would be very glad of any thoughts / input!

Many thanks,